Welcome to Pete Davies Photos!

My photography expresses my reactions to the natural world around me.

You’ll find pictures from the places I love, ┬ámostly the Midlands & my native Wales, with a smattering of nature too.

2019 has already been a great year for my photography. I have already enjoyed solo exhibitions with ‘Transitions” at the Gunmakers Arms and ‘Land of my Fathers’ at All Saints Centre. I’ve been a part of several joint exhibitions too, the latest is ‘Bleak’, on now at Gunmakers Arms.

‘Transitions’ marked a personal shift towards the craftsmanship elements of producing photographs to be displayed and enjoyed. I have learned to produce conservation quality mounts and my latest endeavour is learning the art of making frames for my photographs too.

framing prints
mount making in action

The real highlight comes from being an active member of the many excellent photography networks here in Birmingham, including the amazing WeAllShootPhotos, Brummie Gems, Gridproject UK, Reclaim Photography Festival, West Midlands Photography Collective & the Igers communities

Birmingham: what a fabulous place to be a photographer! 

If you enjoy some of the photographs I make, well… I’m delighted!  I take pictures that give me pleasure and along the way I am developing my photographic style.

Constructive feedback welcome, as are commissions & enquiries.

Thanks for taking a look, enjoy.